Monday, August 20, 2012

Join ThredUp today!

I gotta say i love the new thred up, compare to the old way. It's basically a online thrift store which is totallllly awesome. In smalls towns the kid clothes can be some slim pickings. Making me love this even more.

Right now when you use a friends referral link you get $10 store credit. What thirfter doesnt love free funds! But even better, you can get a piece of clothing with that credit completely free, not a penny out of your pocket, just pick out whatever you like that under $3 (i hear $3.50 with promo code AUGUST20) the $10 credit & code will cover your item & shipping!
please do share what you pick.

the $10 will appear when you go to check out, not cart. Enjoy. & Feel free to post your referral link in a comment below, & share this blog with family & friends to explain all the awesomeness.

**please keep in mind its one account per address. do not ship to refer address, will crete a huge mess**
Frankye & The Millie Mouse

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kid to Kid trip.

So if you haven hear of Kid to Kid, its like Bufflo Exchange but for kid. (id the name didn't give it away.) <--- to See if you have one near you. Also has detail on how they buy & sell.

I been trying so hard to sell this left over baby stuff i don't need at this time on CL, no takers, i even listed my bouncer for just $20! and no calls or emails, at the same time of trying to sell these item i was trying to get funds for a toddler bed, and after many email left not replied too on frames, I just wanted to give up. I know of this store for a good time know, however it a decent drive to the other side of town for me. I finally got my husband to take me over there, and of course, I forgot 3 main items i want sold, a rock n play, a high chair and travel swing. Even forgetting all that with all the stuff i got over there & they bought, i got i think $58 ? in store credit, I can never recall the simple thing. I finally got Millie Mouse a pink bed frame, it was a princess frame missing the major sticker, which was perfect for me. I planned on ripping it off myself anyway to be simple pink :) . Just $35, more than i had set out to spend, but being a re-sale shop not a yard sale or non-profit thrift store, it was a great price.

I used what was left on some clothing, kiddo so stock on jeans I got from Savers for .50-$1 I didn't even brother to look at there jeans. ** & a note on the jeans I've never seen a Savers price them so low, the prices are higher now, Im assuming it was low cause it summer in Vegas, and you be crazy to buy/put jean on a baby or tot at this time. Fine with me she set for winter now. ** We all know my current fave is Saver at this time, with Desert Industries on it way back to #1, after all they can control what people bring them. But I was really amazed at most price there better than savers & goodwill on a avg pricing they do, my normal max for a tee in this size is $2, but since i had credit, I broke my rule and grabbed some long tees priced at $3.

But i did make a thrifter no-no. i didnt check the inside tags, 2 of these tops are marked 2T, but are 3T. I'm over it better large than too small, and it was well stocked, and most tops are $2/$3 there in the toddler sizes I looked at. I wanna get my daughter a trike next Easter 2013, and im sure there the 1st place, I'll look. Only negative things really, some things need a lil extra wipe, and it was crowded, a great place just in a small space, and I'm a face book fan of this location, and i'm sure if they post more photos and such, they may get much more people in there, i was shocked what my eyes saw in person vs face book. LOTS OF GOODIES! I wish i had my camera on me.

All $2 & 2 cute!

the mermaid tee is one of the 2 that's a 3T, but if you can see i broke my $2 rule on it
so its kinda good its 3T Millie can wear it all summer long next year too.
and then some cute jammies, girlie doesn't like footies so this will keep here warm in the lovely California fog this Christmas

then this i pulled a black plain long sleeve tee off the rack and this was behind it
a buck more so i swapped it love the bow, and my camera made the spot on it.

these cute long sleeve tee also $2 each
also great for the Cali fog this next trip back home.

Also just wanted to add it was great how organized the shirt wear i didnt have to did for long sleeves. And I'll post the cute bed & the toy box i thrifted for just $7 the other day, after the big move. as I am still on the hunt for more things for Millie Mouse's new room :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifting Thursday: Toddler Edition

Hey there!
Hopefully the 1st of many to come, "Thrifting for a Toddler" blogs. This week I was very lucky, at Desert Industies. Here's three barbie themed find for my daughter, if you know me you know i always have to shop ahead. My daughter only 18m at this time, well really 17m, but to save money i look for toddler items before the time, and not just clothing. Toys too, it allows me to be picky, time to look.

So here 3 fabulous lil girl find this week.
Trip 1- I found the fashion plates in a box & Trip 2 i found the larger fashion plates & the barbie mag-a-doodle .

♥ ♥ ♥

Here the 1st set of fashion plate I found, I only paid a dollar.
One item was missing the crayon holder. Still a great find.
Barbie 2001.

Here the larger fashion plate, also only a buck, crayon holder & one head plate missing.
still a awesome find to me.
Barbie 2001

and then this just caught my eye, a doodle board, in barbie themed
daughter loves to doodle just 1.50 figured if she doesnt want it
i can used it.

So that it for today, it been a long day. Very excited i been wanting fashion plate for my daughter, and i finally found some at a great price. :)
i think next week Thrifting for a Toddler will be cleaning crayon off plastic ;)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day Haul

So this Independence Day we hit up Savers. Here's our mini score.
This Savers in a new location, and prices are much lower than other Savers, and is huggge! i haven even tried to go thru women yet. I just know my daughter wont have it. This week green tags were 50% off, other clothing 4th of July sale, 30% off.
So what we came home with.......
   3 pairs of jeans. .50 cents each!  2 pairs originally Target,  The top pair showing originally Walmart
   2 tees after 30% off the top tee 
originally Old Navy, $1.05 tangled tee $1.40 originally Disney Store
originally Khols, Sears, & other like it. 50% off making it 1.50
originally target, tag flipped it was 1.49, so paid 1.05 for it. my camera change the color.   same with the sweater dress Target, $1.40.
If i bought these items new, not on sale/mark down, could easily run way over $50 im sure. I paid just $8 & change.  Once again, like i say in my old blogs on tumblr. A huge way you can save money is shopping ahead, you think your gonna find a sweater for 1.50 in the winter? I'm guessing here in Vegas, the price o jeans are going to go up this fall too, i've never seen them priced so low at Savers like this, probably cause no toddler gonna put up this Vegas heat in jeans! :)

Here So other Saver hauls of the last year.
couldn't pass on $2 sweaters

most .99, 2 were 1.49 shoes 2.49

my nieces love thrifting. so it great they dont mind gently used.
all 4 1.99, maybe one or 2- 1.49
these i pick for my niece's 8th b-day.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

polished earrings

I'm so excited. i have no clue why I didn't do this earlier.  I love accessories , but having a baby makes it trickier, and i had formerly stretched my ears to 0 gauges twice before, not my ears are back to a 10, but still limit what i can wear, i normally gotta stick with light weight earrings, if i don't wanna use ear tape. Ear tape is just like tape help ears not sag form earring as much.

so any ways i like to stick to this style, i hear them referred to as button earrings most the time. I get mine form H&M most the time, as shown above a set of theirs. $3.95 for 4 pairs. a great price, but every time there a pair im just not to crazy for. Like the gold pair above, i last bought 2 set, each came with a gold pair, and sliver like it. i have no clue why i didn't think of sooner, hello nail polish, i own over 30 colors! 
Most us girl has used our nail polish on something other than other nails, weather it be a babydoll maker over or scratch on the car (not good). so i took a gold pair, and some really glitter china glaze i got for .50 on clearance. Here the outcome.

My camera does no justice, i dont know what i'll wear them with but i will. im just so excited, i feel like i'm paying just a dollar each again, cause i'll wear em all. Of course polish chips, but i guess we'll see how long it last. I just wish this duh simple idea popped in my head long ago. Same style of earrings at Walmart, my sister in law & I found in Christmas clearance just .25 a pop! so we got some for my older niece her sister's ear were still too little :). it was mostly christmas designs but we should of grabbed like $5! worth. And broke our our nail polishes boxes, oh wells. :) I think walmart still sell them too, a lil larger than H&M a $1 and for most people in a closer distance.

If you never shopped at H&M try em out, prices are like forever 21. your be like "OMGZILLA" over how affordalbe on half the store and the other half on outrageous prices are.

Friday, June 15, 2012

B2S Freebies

a good way to save a dollar here or there, it having no shame in grabbing those promo freebies, make it a family thing, let them get the item but you as the parent save it for later. here just a few.
all but one item above are either form The Pizza Festival in Lemoore, CA or Science Expo in Vegas, NV
both fun free events for the family.

pencils/pens- how many time have we our self lost them? i grab every pen or pencil i can, they dont last long.
these items can be found at dollar stores and such, but free is better. and they add up. grab 2 shoe boxes at your local dollar store or a old shoe box, and watch how fast some people can fill it.

rulers- not as easy as getting free as pens, but our out there. the this ruler show is super durable versus some you can buy for $1 or less

crayons- can be found in many places, i like to save them and use these for non school fun, instead of our the nicer brands, some the help keep other crayons along liver, even like at famous daves or denny when you get a few not in a pack, just have a box of crayons at home to toss em in too, plus theres tons of fun crayon project out there, for rainy days.

paper pad- some use them some dont, just nice for lil note and are free.

now, the stickers, tattoos, and buttons/pins. those can be used to snazzy up plain notebooks and bags.
works best on your kids, many give out free stickers, radio stations, schools, teams, anyone really.

the 3 red items now. i just have so just showing, the 1st mini 1st aid kid,  weather for you or child.
the 2nd is a whistle, nice for stranger danger lessons. the 3rd just a flash light, i dropped alot of things in odd places as a kid. :)

not show other school related items i've seen that are 'free-promo'
-high lighter, folders, binder, mini note books, drawstring bag, sandwich holders, and even coats.

no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, or even ask if you can take a few pencils. they want you too.
you or your child(ren)  will being promoing their business .

Back to School

School is out, beside wondering how to keep kids busy, parent are now wondering how to pay for new school items in just a few months. I say back to school shopping starts now! I'm a firm believer of thinking ahead, it same me lots of the $, so this summer i decided to share my crazy? smart? cheap? your choice of words, way of saving any penny i can.

linkies. more coming soon.

B2S Freebies

Monday, June 4, 2012

a little vest diy.

here a lil vest i did for my daughter, picked it up for .99 cents at a VIP savers event.
thrifting rule no. #107 DIY is a girl's real bff.

keep in mind, im not one of those moms who will take 100s of photos for just the right shot,
i rather go play tea or hide and go seek with my daughter, than all that clicking.
so it a 18M vest, faded glory .
so long time ago walmart had a bunch of dye for just .50 so i had to grab some. so this was throw in to a light pink dye, over night, and came out purple as i taught it might.
was suppose to be just leopard spot, i did it free hand, should of use my stencil, oh well, im over it.
was going to order some studs to add to it, but i think i'll save it for another project. and was going to chage the buttons, but im sure Amelia doesnt care so i'll just save them also for another project.
all the tweens seen to love it on her.