Friday, June 15, 2012

B2S Freebies

a good way to save a dollar here or there, it having no shame in grabbing those promo freebies, make it a family thing, let them get the item but you as the parent save it for later. here just a few.
all but one item above are either form The Pizza Festival in Lemoore, CA or Science Expo in Vegas, NV
both fun free events for the family.

pencils/pens- how many time have we our self lost them? i grab every pen or pencil i can, they dont last long.
these items can be found at dollar stores and such, but free is better. and they add up. grab 2 shoe boxes at your local dollar store or a old shoe box, and watch how fast some people can fill it.

rulers- not as easy as getting free as pens, but our out there. the this ruler show is super durable versus some you can buy for $1 or less

crayons- can be found in many places, i like to save them and use these for non school fun, instead of our the nicer brands, some the help keep other crayons along liver, even like at famous daves or denny when you get a few not in a pack, just have a box of crayons at home to toss em in too, plus theres tons of fun crayon project out there, for rainy days.

paper pad- some use them some dont, just nice for lil note and are free.

now, the stickers, tattoos, and buttons/pins. those can be used to snazzy up plain notebooks and bags.
works best on your kids, many give out free stickers, radio stations, schools, teams, anyone really.

the 3 red items now. i just have so just showing, the 1st mini 1st aid kid,  weather for you or child.
the 2nd is a whistle, nice for stranger danger lessons. the 3rd just a flash light, i dropped alot of things in odd places as a kid. :)

not show other school related items i've seen that are 'free-promo'
-high lighter, folders, binder, mini note books, drawstring bag, sandwich holders, and even coats.

no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, or even ask if you can take a few pencils. they want you too.
you or your child(ren)  will being promoing their business .

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