Monday, June 4, 2012

a little vest diy.

here a lil vest i did for my daughter, picked it up for .99 cents at a VIP savers event.
thrifting rule no. #107 DIY is a girl's real bff.

keep in mind, im not one of those moms who will take 100s of photos for just the right shot,
i rather go play tea or hide and go seek with my daughter, than all that clicking.
so it a 18M vest, faded glory .
so long time ago walmart had a bunch of dye for just .50 so i had to grab some. so this was throw in to a light pink dye, over night, and came out purple as i taught it might.
was suppose to be just leopard spot, i did it free hand, should of use my stencil, oh well, im over it.
was going to order some studs to add to it, but i think i'll save it for another project. and was going to chage the buttons, but im sure Amelia doesnt care so i'll just save them also for another project.
all the tweens seen to love it on her.

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