Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day Haul

So this Independence Day we hit up Savers. Here's our mini score.
This Savers in a new location, and prices are much lower than other Savers, and is huggge! i haven even tried to go thru women yet. I just know my daughter wont have it. This week green tags were 50% off, other clothing 4th of July sale, 30% off.
So what we came home with.......
   3 pairs of jeans. .50 cents each!  2 pairs originally Target,  The top pair showing originally Walmart
   2 tees after 30% off the top tee 
originally Old Navy, $1.05 tangled tee $1.40 originally Disney Store
originally Khols, Sears, & other like it. 50% off making it 1.50
originally target, tag flipped it was 1.49, so paid 1.05 for it. my camera change the color.   same with the sweater dress Target, $1.40.
If i bought these items new, not on sale/mark down, could easily run way over $50 im sure. I paid just $8 & change.  Once again, like i say in my old blogs on tumblr. A huge way you can save money is shopping ahead, you think your gonna find a sweater for 1.50 in the winter? I'm guessing here in Vegas, the price o jeans are going to go up this fall too, i've never seen them priced so low at Savers like this, probably cause no toddler gonna put up this Vegas heat in jeans! :)

Here So other Saver hauls of the last year.
couldn't pass on $2 sweaters

most .99, 2 were 1.49 shoes 2.49

my nieces love thrifting. so it great they dont mind gently used.
all 4 1.99, maybe one or 2- 1.49
these i pick for my niece's 8th b-day.

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  1. Nice haul! My mom lives in Vegas maybe I will see this cheap Savers. I went to one here and the prices were so high! Good stuff but high prices!