Friday, August 17, 2012

Kid to Kid trip.

So if you haven hear of Kid to Kid, its like Bufflo Exchange but for kid. (id the name didn't give it away.) <--- to See if you have one near you. Also has detail on how they buy & sell.

I been trying so hard to sell this left over baby stuff i don't need at this time on CL, no takers, i even listed my bouncer for just $20! and no calls or emails, at the same time of trying to sell these item i was trying to get funds for a toddler bed, and after many email left not replied too on frames, I just wanted to give up. I know of this store for a good time know, however it a decent drive to the other side of town for me. I finally got my husband to take me over there, and of course, I forgot 3 main items i want sold, a rock n play, a high chair and travel swing. Even forgetting all that with all the stuff i got over there & they bought, i got i think $58 ? in store credit, I can never recall the simple thing. I finally got Millie Mouse a pink bed frame, it was a princess frame missing the major sticker, which was perfect for me. I planned on ripping it off myself anyway to be simple pink :) . Just $35, more than i had set out to spend, but being a re-sale shop not a yard sale or non-profit thrift store, it was a great price.

I used what was left on some clothing, kiddo so stock on jeans I got from Savers for .50-$1 I didn't even brother to look at there jeans. ** & a note on the jeans I've never seen a Savers price them so low, the prices are higher now, Im assuming it was low cause it summer in Vegas, and you be crazy to buy/put jean on a baby or tot at this time. Fine with me she set for winter now. ** We all know my current fave is Saver at this time, with Desert Industries on it way back to #1, after all they can control what people bring them. But I was really amazed at most price there better than savers & goodwill on a avg pricing they do, my normal max for a tee in this size is $2, but since i had credit, I broke my rule and grabbed some long tees priced at $3.

But i did make a thrifter no-no. i didnt check the inside tags, 2 of these tops are marked 2T, but are 3T. I'm over it better large than too small, and it was well stocked, and most tops are $2/$3 there in the toddler sizes I looked at. I wanna get my daughter a trike next Easter 2013, and im sure there the 1st place, I'll look. Only negative things really, some things need a lil extra wipe, and it was crowded, a great place just in a small space, and I'm a face book fan of this location, and i'm sure if they post more photos and such, they may get much more people in there, i was shocked what my eyes saw in person vs face book. LOTS OF GOODIES! I wish i had my camera on me.

All $2 & 2 cute!

the mermaid tee is one of the 2 that's a 3T, but if you can see i broke my $2 rule on it
so its kinda good its 3T Millie can wear it all summer long next year too.
and then some cute jammies, girlie doesn't like footies so this will keep here warm in the lovely California fog this Christmas

then this i pulled a black plain long sleeve tee off the rack and this was behind it
a buck more so i swapped it love the bow, and my camera made the spot on it.

these cute long sleeve tee also $2 each
also great for the Cali fog this next trip back home.

Also just wanted to add it was great how organized the shirt wear i didnt have to did for long sleeves. And I'll post the cute bed & the toy box i thrifted for just $7 the other day, after the big move. as I am still on the hunt for more things for Millie Mouse's new room :)

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