Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifting Thursday: Toddler Edition

Hey there!
Hopefully the 1st of many to come, "Thrifting for a Toddler" blogs. This week I was very lucky, at Desert Industies. Here's three barbie themed find for my daughter, if you know me you know i always have to shop ahead. My daughter only 18m at this time, well really 17m, but to save money i look for toddler items before the time, and not just clothing. Toys too, it allows me to be picky, time to look.

So here 3 fabulous lil girl find this week.
Trip 1- I found the fashion plates in a box & Trip 2 i found the larger fashion plates & the barbie mag-a-doodle .

♥ ♥ ♥

Here the 1st set of fashion plate I found, I only paid a dollar.
One item was missing the crayon holder. Still a great find.
Barbie 2001.

Here the larger fashion plate, also only a buck, crayon holder & one head plate missing.
still a awesome find to me.
Barbie 2001

and then this just caught my eye, a doodle board, in barbie themed
daughter loves to doodle just 1.50 figured if she doesnt want it
i can used it.

So that it for today, it been a long day. Very excited i been wanting fashion plate for my daughter, and i finally found some at a great price. :)
i think next week Thrifting for a Toddler will be cleaning crayon off plastic ;)

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