Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christmas in July! E-bay

Here a ebay round-up of things i personally would gift as little gifts Christmas 2013
Keep in mind, that most these items are shipped from over seas and can take up to 3 weeks.

Cute Monkey Ring shipped .99
more .99 shipped rings
Bird ring  ♥ Bumble Bee ring ♥ Headphone ring

these prices do randomly change, these days the .99 choices are getting a little tricker to find
so here so other cute rings under 1.99
Snake ring ♥ Seal ring ♥ Cat ring ♥ Lighting ring

Some cute necklaces...... (with rounded prices not actual prices)
Pumpkin Carriage Locket Necklace $3
7 Dwarfs necklace $4
Mermaid necklace $7
Cat necklace $2
Hot Air Balloon necklace $3
Caged Bird $3
Carousel necklace $4

and there just tons more out there and earrings too, how I like to search it buy lowest & buy now,
and if you see something you like thats in Canadain currency  there will be shipping but you can reserch that item and normally find it in US dollars with free shipping, just have to look, here a few other deals too, I'll try to make a nicer round up next week with other cool lil thingys

Tot Ties $1  ♥ Women Tattoo Tights $3 ♥ Nail Dotting Tools $2

** on the tights says fits most, but i say size 8 & down, i m a size 12, i fit some and others just no way fitting

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