Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy 50% chocolate day!

Pardon my super lagging posts, i been in a war between my phone and google, i just dont like everything be connected then it all blowing my phone up, i tried stopping it and i lost everything it seemed that google owned, which happens to be a lot.

Any who happy candy sale day! What you heading out for??? besides some tooth aches :)

Here a few of my fave reasons for Valentines clearance.

♥- Party Favor!
and not just girls, well mainly girl stuff, but buying marked down classroom valentine boxes can make great favors later for parties.

example, we are having a my little pony here in less than a month, so i'm hoping to score a few boxes with mlp pencils, tattoos, stickers. etc.

and that where a person can save a lot of money being for a boy or girl,
what other time can ya get  35 Adventure Time tattoos for, 1.50???
(by the way if you take your time these tattoos can look good on your nails)

♥- Easter
basically same as the party favor,  the tattoos and stickers can make great egg fillers, for whom ever, where ever. And this year Easter in March again, so i'm guessing there must be some good candy deals that can carry over to Easter.

♥- Gifts
Dont forget all the plushes, mug set and more, i normally don't do mug sets unless 75% but that can make great gifts later, i seen a good amount of unicorns with our name on them i hope to get a good deal on :)

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