Saturday, June 30, 2012

polished earrings

I'm so excited. i have no clue why I didn't do this earlier.  I love accessories , but having a baby makes it trickier, and i had formerly stretched my ears to 0 gauges twice before, not my ears are back to a 10, but still limit what i can wear, i normally gotta stick with light weight earrings, if i don't wanna use ear tape. Ear tape is just like tape help ears not sag form earring as much.

so any ways i like to stick to this style, i hear them referred to as button earrings most the time. I get mine form H&M most the time, as shown above a set of theirs. $3.95 for 4 pairs. a great price, but every time there a pair im just not to crazy for. Like the gold pair above, i last bought 2 set, each came with a gold pair, and sliver like it. i have no clue why i didn't think of sooner, hello nail polish, i own over 30 colors! 
Most us girl has used our nail polish on something other than other nails, weather it be a babydoll maker over or scratch on the car (not good). so i took a gold pair, and some really glitter china glaze i got for .50 on clearance. Here the outcome.

My camera does no justice, i dont know what i'll wear them with but i will. im just so excited, i feel like i'm paying just a dollar each again, cause i'll wear em all. Of course polish chips, but i guess we'll see how long it last. I just wish this duh simple idea popped in my head long ago. Same style of earrings at Walmart, my sister in law & I found in Christmas clearance just .25 a pop! so we got some for my older niece her sister's ear were still too little :). it was mostly christmas designs but we should of grabbed like $5! worth. And broke our our nail polishes boxes, oh wells. :) I think walmart still sell them too, a lil larger than H&M a $1 and for most people in a closer distance.

If you never shopped at H&M try em out, prices are like forever 21. your be like "OMGZILLA" over how affordalbe on half the store and the other half on outrageous prices are.


  1. Great idea.. I'm going to have to try :)

    Thanks for commenting on my tie dye Tshirt.. I'm sorry yours came out purple.. the tshirt I did ended up a little purpley too. But the tank top came out really blue. When I dyed them the tank top was wet and rung out and the tshirt was dry.. I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it. Was your shirt dry when you dyed it?

  2. i should of gone to another store and found royal blue instead of settling on denim blue of wells. i dye all the time, it was my 1st time tye dying with 2 colors. oh wells, i got blue dye to make the hubby pants new again